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Costs of constructed wetlands

What does a sewage treatment costs? You can find this information here:

Building costs

The building costs mainly depend on the following factors:

  • Is there already a multichamber sedimentation basin and can this basin be used for preliminary sedimentation?
  • If your site is sufficiently sloping (height difference of 1.80m from top level of the soil against the building to point of discharge of the treated water into a stream or the ground water), a CW with horizontal flow (lower costs) can be built.
  • What is the ground like? Is there groundwater low under the surface or is the ground rocky?
  • Designed capacity of the CW

If you wish to treat industrial sewage, please fill in the respective form.

Construction of a wetland
Wetland build-yourself kit

Doing some of the construction work yourself

You may save a lot of money by doing some of the construction work yourself, for instance:

  • Digging the pits for the preliminary sedimentation basin, the constructed wetland itself, the pump sump and the percolating hollow;
  • Digging all necessary trenches for cables and the pipework;
  • Laying and connecting the pipes between the house and the preliminary sedimentation tank, between the preliminary sedimentation and the constructed wetland, between the constructed wetland and the inspection chamber, between the inspection chamber and the receiving stream and - depending on the design of the CW - for the sewage recirculation from the inspection chamber to the preliminary sedimentation tank;
  • Laying an underground cable 5 NYY 1,5mm² to the pump sump;
  • Installation of a moisture-proof socket (220V) in the pump sump;
  • Installing and sealing the concrete rings for the sedimentation tank, the pump sump and the inspection chamber.

Maintenance costs

When choosing a design for the treatment of your sewage you should consider not only the investment costs, but also on the operating costs incurred every year. You should therefore ask other suppliers for a list of operating costs per year.

Schlammspiegelmessung Kläranlage

Conventional plants (activated sludge systems, SBR, percolating filter, membrane filter) do not only use up a lot of energy (electricity costs), but often entail expensive maintenance and service contracts. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire about the costs of maintenance and service before deciding for such a system.

The operating costs for a constructed wetland for a detached house (4 population equivalents) are as follows (german language):

Diagram operating costs

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